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Tegretol is used to control epileptic seizures and also to treat
neuropathic nerve pain such as trigeminal neuralgia.

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Tegretol XR (image)Tegretol (Carbamazepine) is an anticonvulsant used to control partial seizures
and generalized seizures, (including generalized tonic-clonic seizures also
known as grand-mal seizures) in children and adults.
Tegretol brand and generic carbamazepine is also approved as a painkiller to relieve the
pain of trigeminal neuralgia (TN produces acute, excruciating, lightning strikes of facial pain).
Other (Off Label, or non approved uses) include treatment of other types of nerve pain, such
as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, to prevent migraine headaches, to prevent seizures in
alcohol withdrawal and to treat hiccups, agitation and dementia.

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Tegretol : Carbamazepine Drug Interactions
Do not take Tegretol if you have taken an MAO inhibitor such as isocarboxazid (Marplan),
tranylcypromine (Parnate and Jatrosom), phenelzine (Nardil), or selegiline (Eldepryl) in the past
14 days. There are many other medicines including vitamins and herbal products that could
interact with Tegretol. Inform your doctor of all and any other medications that you take.

Avoid the Following While taking Tegretol
Tegretol can cause drowsiness that may impair reactions. Do not drink alcohol while taking
Tegretol as it may increase drowsiness caused by Tegretol and increase the risk of seizures.
Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, Tegretol increases the sensitivity of your skin to sunlight.
Tegretol should not be used during pregnancy, Tegretol can also make birth control pills less effective, use alternative contraception methods to prevent pregnancy while taking Tegretol.
Do not drink grapefruit juice whilst taking this medication.

Tegretol Side Effects
The most common are drowsiness, feeling of unsteadiness, mild nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
constipation, stomach pain. Confusion, headache, blurred vision. Feeling agitated or depressed.
Ringing in the ears, dry mouth, swollen tongue, joint or muscle pain, leg cramps.

Less Common but Serious Side Effects
Consult your doctor immediately if you have any of these serious side effects occur:
Allergic reactions : hives, difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue or throat.
Red, blistering, peeling skin rash. Fever, sore throat, body aches, flu symptoms.
Easy bruising or bleeding or unusual weakness.
White patches or sores inside the mouth or on the lips.
Shortness of breath, even with mild exertion. Swelling of the ankles or feet.
Nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice
(yellowing of the skin or eyes); urinating less than usual.

The Foregoing is not intended to be a complete list of all possible interactions and side effects,
Consult your doctor for full information.

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