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prescription or non prescription products for pet healthcare : dog and cat antibiotics : pet worming : dermatitis : flea & tick repellents

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Amoxi Drop for Cats and Dogs (image)

Clavamox for Pets (image)

Pet Antibiotics : Cat Antibiotics : Dog Antibiotics : No Rx

  Amoxi-Drop 100mg/ml 10ml bottle (Generic) † n/a

  Amoxicillin 5gm Powder for 10ml Drops - 100mg/10 ml n/a

  • Antibiotic Eye Drops and Ointments

  Baytril / Ataxin 150mg tabs (Generic, Enrofloxacin) **

  Baytril / Ataxin 50mg tabs (Generic, Enrofloxacin) **

  Cephalexin 600mg tabs

  Clavamox (Generic) See Clavet

  Clavet 250mg (Amoxicillin 200mg / Clavulanate 50mg) **

  Clavet 500mg (Amoxicillin 400mg / Clavulanate 100mg) **

  Zeniquin 50mg (Generic) Marbofloxacin n/a

Generic Otipet (image)

Ear Drops for Fungal, Mites, Canker ear infections : Cats / Dogs

  Ilium Ear Drops (Dichlorophen / Pyrethrins / Piperonyl)**

  Otibact Ear Drops (Enrofloxacin/Silver Sulfadiazine) n/a

  Otipet Ear Drops (Gentamycin / Clotrimazole/ Beclomethasone) n/a

  Pomisil (Ofloxacin / Clotrimazole/ Betamethasone/ Lignocaine) n/a

Rimadyl Chewable (image)

Pet Pain Relief | Anti-inflammatories | Dogs, Cats, other animals

  Carodyl 75mg Chewable (Sava Medical) Carprofen **

  Metaflam BP 1.5mg/100ml | NSAID Oral Suspension (Dogs) **

  Rimadyl 25mg Chewable (Pfizer Brand) Carprofen **

  Rimadyl 75mg Chewable (Generic) Carprofen **

Flurbiprofen pet eyedrops (image)

Pet Ophthalmics (Antibiotic Eye Drops and Eye Ointments)

  Flurbiprofen Opthalmic Solution (0.3mg/ml)

  Gentamicin Sulfate 0.3% Solution : Conjunctivitis

  Visiocare Eye Ointment (Cyclosporine) (2mg/G) **

Atopica for pet dermatitis (image)

Dog Dermatitis : Skin Diseases : Atopic Dermatitis

  Atopica 25mg : 50mg : 100mg (Cyclosporine A) Novartis

Drontal Plus for dogs and cats (image)
Heartgard for heart worm (image)

Pet Dewormers and Heartgard / HeartCare

  Drontal Plus (Brand-Bayer) Praziquantel/Pyrantel/Febantel **

  HeartGard Plus Chewable (Small to Large) Ivermectin/Pyrantel **

  HeartCare (Kiwof Brand) Small Dogs (Ivermectin/Pyrantel) *

  HeartCare (Kiwof Brand) Medium Dogs (Ivermectin/Pyrantel)*

  HeartCare (Kiwof Brand) Large Dogs (Ivermectin/Pyrantel)*

Frontline Plus for dogs (image)

Generic Frontline Alternative for Dogs : Fleas and Ticks

Frontline Spray for Dogs and Cats (Generic) (100 or 250ml bottle)

Frontline Spot on for Dogs and Cats (Generic) (3 Pipettes)

Other Dog Parasite Treatments, Including Fleas and Ticks

  Certifect - Small to Large dogs (Fipronil/Methoprene/Amitraz)

Herbal Remedies for Pets

Dog medications (image)
cat medications (image)
Dog and Cat Anal Glands Cleanser
Pet Anxiety and Calming : Non Prescription

Pet Eye Care : Non Prescription

Pet Digestive Health : Non Prescription

Pet Worms and Parasites : Non Prescription

All Non Prescription Herbal Treatments for Dogs and Cats

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Pet Herbals and pet supplies from PetsAlive

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